Research interests: quantum integrable systems,  Painleve equations, Conformal Field Theory, representation theory

Research interests: topological string theory, cohomological field theory, supersymmetric gauge theory, matrix models

Research interests: gravity and CFTs in two dimensions, supersymmetric gauge theories

Research interests: strongly correlated systems, integrable models, knot theory, topological field theories

Research interests: matrix models, RNA topology, neutrino phenomenology

Research interests: low energy quantum field theory, Casimir effect, RNA structure prediction and design, numerical methods

Research interests: supersymmetric gauge theories, knot invariants, dualities from M5-branes

Research interests: supersymmetric field theories, integrability, M5-branes

Research interests: matrix models, supersymmetric gauge theories, topological strings

Research interests: supersymmetric field theories, non-perturbative phenomena in string and field theory, integrability, knots and number theory